If you or a loved one has been referred to hospice care, I would like to reassure you that there is a lot of compassionate support available.   You may be feeling overwhelmed, and hospice caregivers really do understand.

My goal is to provide an interactive guide to hospice care, with an overall mission to support patients and families during this time.   I hope to raise awareness by providing useful information about Hospice and Medicare.  The main barriers for someone who may be considering hospice are fear and a general misunderstanding about the services provided.  Fear is a powerful emotion that is fueled by a feeling of loss of control.

Hospice can bring a sense of hope, knowing that you are not powerless.  There are many factors in our day to day, where we can gain back some of the control.  I would encourage everyone to take life one day at a time, and always keep seeking out those precious moments.

What is Hospice?


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